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BMT offer a range of specialist consultancy services to the Stretch Blow Moulding Industry, as outlined below.  If you would like to find out more, please contact us directly for more information.

Virtual Preform Design

As the plastic bottle industry is under increasing pressure to advance towards bio-materials, BMT work with clients throughout the world to virtually design their preforms using blends of recycled PET and alternative materials and additives.

Using our proven scientific methods, BMT help clients to achieve their ideal bottle design, by generating a number of preform geometries based on customer constraints.

All our work is treated with full confidentiality.

Preview Simulation Service
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Preview SBM Simulation Service is a bespoke consultancy offering which allows clients to engage in specific and confidential projects in the simulation of their bottle designs.

Together with our 20+ year experience and our industry-renowned expertise in simulation, we understand that each bottle design commands different technical requirements.


Our specific tailored packages GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE Preview Simulation Product and Service, provides the client with a Design of Experiments, a number of axi-symmetric and 3D simulations.

Preform Characterisation

BMT offer a full preform characterisation service which can comprehensively analyse any preform design, made from any material and using any process set-up.

This provides stress strain data directly from the SBM process, and offers richer information than polarized light and IV test.

Benefits include increased knowledge, new material characterisation, investigate material additives, reduced cost, reduced time to market and optimised product performance. 


Every sector of the supply chain benefits from this increased knowledge base.

Material Characterisation via Bi-axial Testing

BMT offer Material Characterisation using Bi-axial Polymer Testing. This involves carrying out high-speed deformation of polymer samples at different deformation modes, rates and temperatures equivalent to the industrial processes. 

We provide bespoke offerings depending on your material requirements.  We provide Bi-axial Characterisation to global multi-national clients experimenting with new materials, recycled materials, materials with additives and more.

Material Characterisation via Free Blow Experiments
Material Characterisation via Free Blow Experiments
Material Characterisation via Free Blow Experiments
THERMOscan 3D preform measurement device

Material Characterisation can also be carried out through a Free-Blow technique. 

This involves the characterisation of polymer preforms using a  specially designed rig with high-speed digital imaging correlation.

The scope of this service is to provide an analysis of the material properties. This is an essential complementary addition to Bi-axial Characterisation.