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Material Characterisation

BMT use a custom-built (planar) biaxial tensile test machine to deform polymer samples at similar conditions to the SBM process. 


Temperature, stretch ratio, strain rate and the mode of deformation can all be varied to fully capture the mechanical response of your polymer.


Preform Characterisation

BMT's preform characterisation service can comprehensively analyse any preform design, made from any material and using any process set-up. 


Using a custom-built blowing machine and high-speed digital imaging correlation, stress-strain data can be obtained directly from the blowing process.

Preform Characterisation (Carbon).png



BMT's simulation service is a bespoke consultancy offering which allows clients to engage in confidential projects.


We provide comprehensive analysis of the deformation during the SBM process and post-blowing (bottle performance), providing users with the data they need to optimise preform design, material selection and process set-up.

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