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Unique technology and research expertise

Our products

Advanced analysis 

Solving problems from the start

At BMT we measure things others ignore and with these measurements we answer questions no one else can! With access to unrivalled data, we can harness the power of AI to make smarter decisions earlier in the product life cycle enabling faster times to market along with the ability to innovate freely. 

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Navigating complexity for
our partners

We identify, evaluate and optimise using holistic models to enable complex decision making. Our core strength is our ability to unlock potential in disruptive, forward-looking projects using our instrumentation, simulation and data interpretation expertise. 


Putting data to work

Harnessing research capability in stretch blow moulding, Blow Moulding Technologies combine academic excellence and industry knowledge with a clear vision for application. 

We offer a unique polymer material model (for use in finite element analysis) and through-thickness preform temperature measurement.
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About us

A strategic partner for the global plastics industry

Backed by 25 years of academic research, with more than a hundred peer reviewed publications, we develop bespoke hardware with state-of-the-art instrumentation to enable material characterisation, complex simulations and machine learning to make a global impact on today’s economic and environmental challenges.


News and events

Keep up to date with conferences, trade shows and exhibitions that Blow Moulding Technologies will be attending. 
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