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About Us

Our vision

Blow Moulding Technologies (BMT) is a technology spin-out company from Queen’s University, Belfast, founded in September 2011 with our first product — THERMOscan, a device for preform temperature measurement.

Our vision is to provide a scientific approach to stretch blow moulding. Through our advanced software and hardware solutions, we aim to reduce energy consumption, optimise setup and increase productivity.
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Cover preform temperature measurement and blow moulding data acquisition.
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Include material characterisation, preform characterisation and preform simulation and design.
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Covers finite element material models and through-thickness preform temperature analysis.

Our customers​

Material suppliers
Brand owners
Machine manufacturers

Our team

BMT has over 20 years of experience in the stretch blow moulding industry. Each member of the team has experience working in both academia and industry, with the majority of members holding a PhD in the blow moulding field.
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Dr Yannis Salomeia


Yannis Salomeia is a co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Blow Moulding Technologies Ltd. Yannis holds a mechatronics bachelor’s degree, a masters in material science and a PhD which focused on developing a better understanding of the process of plastic bottle manufacturing. During his PhD, Yannis developed novel instruments and methodologies to support major advancements in process simulation.

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Prof. Gary Menary


Gary leads a research group at Queen’s University focusing on reducing material and energy usage during the stretch blow moulding process using simulation, material modelling, and experimental characterisation. Gary is on the editorial board of the International Journal of Material Forming and has also been on the Board of Directors of the European Association of Material Forming (ESAFORM) since 2006.

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Dr James Nixon

Senior Product Engineer

James has a masters in mechanical engineering and a PhD which focused on analysing the stretch blow moulding process and subsequent simulation development using innovative techniques. James is currently completing his second postdoctoral position in Queens University where he is at the forefront of bottle research.

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Dr Shiyong Yan

Senior R&D Engineer

Shiyong was a research fellow in the School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering at Queen’s University Belfast. His work was centred around developing and integrating innovative methodologies to advance the stretch blow moulding process. Within BMT, Shiyong’s research focuses on constitutive model development and experimental characterisation of preform designs.

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Dr David McKelvey

Project Lead

David has completed a PhD from Queen's University, Belfast, specialising in Polymer Characterisation with particular emphasis on HDPE.  His work focussed on the mechanical analysis of polymer forming processes during and post deformation.  Within BMT, David specialises in the advancement of simulation, alongside material characterisation.

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Dr Ross Blair

Senior CAE Engineer

Ross Blair has a Masters in Mechanical Engineering and recently completed a PhD from Queen's University Belfast, which focused on using biaxial stretching to improve the mechanical performance of bio-resorbable coronary stents. Within BMT, Ross specialises in material testing, constitutive modelling, finite element analysis and parametric optimisation.

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Dr Josh Turner

Senior Materials Engineer

Josh Turner has a Masters in Aerospace Engineering and recently completed a PhD from Queen's University Belfast, which focused on the forming behaviour of PEEK films. Within BMT, Josh specialises in material characterisation, constitutive modelling and finite element analysis.

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Dennise Tohpati

R&D Engineer

Dennise has recently completed his Bachelor’s in Aerospace Engineering from Queen's University Belfast,

and his final year thesis focused on Fluid Dynamics analysis for Queen's Formula Racing's bodyworks.

Within BMT, Dennise specialised in software development and mechatronics.

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Daanish Malik

CAE Engineer

Daanish graduated with an MEng in Aerospace Engineering from Queen’s University Belfast. His Final Year Project involved using simulation and optimisation software to predict temperature profiles of heated preforms (used in stretch blow moulding). Within BMT, Daanish’s focus is on simulation development and implementation.

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