FREEblow, MOULDblow


Free-stretch blowing can tell you a lot about your process. BMT's BLOWscan evaluates variation in preform quality and provides users with the data they need to optimise bottle production.


BLOWscan can also be configured with a custom mould, designed to your specifications, for you to further assess the influence of your process on your bottle's performance.

2D, 3D


Temperature is one of the most important process variables in the SBM process, yet current measurement techniques are limited. 


BMT’s patented THERMOscan technology allows the simultaneous measurement of the internal and external preform temperature profile, providing the user with the data they need to make informed decisions.



At BMT, we know that preforms come in all shapes and sizes, so we have developed the THERMOscan XL to extend our preform temperature measurement capability.


The THERMOscan XL can cater for preforms with different diameters, lengths, geometries and colours ranging from small jars to larger kegs.



BMT's intelligent stretch rod contains a sensor to measure air pressure development in the expanding preform, and a load cell to accurately measure the stretching force.


Simultaneous measurement of air pressure and stretching force during stretch blow moulding provides users with the data they need to optimise their process.

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