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Simultaneous measurement of internal and external preform temperature profiles, providing users with the data they need to make informed decisions.

Thermoscan_XL_ Exposed_CUTOUT.jpg

Ease of use

Designed with the user in mind from the very beginning. In just two operations: place the preform and tap the screen, the preform temperature measurement is available.

Versatile functionality

Caters for preforms with different diameters, lengths, geometries and colours ranging from small jars to larger kegs.

Adjustable gripper

Innovative design permits preforms with different neck dimensions to be tested without the need of changing fixtures.

Smart sensors

Custom-built, non-contact sensors detect preform surface temperature, automatically compensating for the environment and user-defined emissivity factors.


USB, WiFi or Bluetooth enable easy data transfer between THERMOscan and the local infrastructure.


Data output

Internal and external temperature profiles are measured simultaneously which allow the user to evaluate the temperature distribution through the preform wall.


Simplistic user interface makes manipulating and interpreting complex data easier than ever!


Troubleshoot issues

Data for simulation

Assess new materials

Quality control

Reduce time to market

Optimise set-up


Weight: 18 kg

10-inch (1,800 x 1,200) touch display

THERMOscan XL Preform Range.PNG
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