*Launching Soon* Preview SBM Simulation

Blow Moulding Technologies are currently developing a powerful, validated and sophisticated online FEA-based simulation software derived from 20+ years of research knowledge, to provide unique insight into SBM by accurately predicting material performance.

Due to the complexities involved in the stretch blow moulding (SBM) processes during the production of plastic bottles, advanced simulation of this technology has been previously unattainable by industry. Until now.

Preview software allows the input of specific data parameters into a cloud-based database in order to generate a validated and sophisticated simulation of the stretch blow moulding process. This validated process has been developed through Blow Moulding Technologies (BMT) expertise in creating a unique material modelling algorithm, alongside facilities in material characterisation in order to determine an accurate representation of the performance of PET in SBM. The simulation software will have a wide application across the entire SBM industry.

For more information on Preview and its application to your business, contact info@bmt-ni.com.

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