Preform Optimisation with THERMOscan 3D

Designing and creating the optimum preform is the pinnacle of plastic bottle design. Here at Blow Moulding Technologies in Northern Ireland - we base our ethos on this principle.

We believe in a scientific approach to preform design.

We believe in a scientific approach to temperature measurement.

We believe in a scientific approach to stretch blow moulding.

This is why we created THERMOscan 3D.

THERMOscan 3D is a unique patented technology which allows engineers to design and create new PET containers with outstanding performance. THERMOscan 3D provides a fundamental insight into the exact temperature measurement of preforms during the SBM process.

THERMOscan 3D is a simple to use offline device which provides engineers with the knowledge and data required to optimise the design and thickness of PET preforms and bottles. It contributes to;

- Enhanced Bottle Efficiency

- Reduced Plastic Volumes - therefore less raw materials and less waste

- Lighter Preforms

- Reduced Carbon Footprint

- Lower Running Costs

- Optimised Bottle Design and Production

- Production Trouble-shooting

To find out more about THERMOscan, click or email for more information.

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