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Preform characterisation

Comprehensive analysis of the full-field deformation behaviour during the SBM process - subject to preform design, material selection and process set-up.

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Complete automation

Robotic arm combined with universal preform holder allows for fully-automated testing of the characterisation process.

Controlled heating

Easily programmable and fully automated, heating by means of an oil bath permits effortless investigation into varying temperature profiles.

Oil Bath.jpg

Custom loading

A wide range of applied loading during free-blow allows for systematic investigation into the influence of process parameters on the final bottle shape.

Optical strain measurement

Using digital image correlation, transient full-field strain maps capture the deformation behaviour along the preform length.

Preform Characterisation (Darkened 2).PN
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Data output

Principal stress-strain data is mapped along the entire preform edge, facilitating in-depth analysis into local hoop and axial stresses as a function of process set-up.

Troubleshoot issues

Data for simulation

Assess new materials

Quality control

Reduce time to market

Optimise set-up


Weight: ~ 500 kg

Variable flow control and preform timing

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