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Our custom finite element material model is validated against various deformation histories, providing a key input for your stretch blow moulding simulations.

Constitutive Model.png

Constitutive theory

Our finite element material model has been developed over the last ten years, across multiple PhDs, and is capable of capturing rate-dependent, temperature dependent behaviour.


Our model is calibrated against data generated from biaxial tensile testing and freeblow testing, which provide a variety of loading histories. This ensures that you get a highly versatile, well calibrated material model!

Simulation Data Output.PNG

Data output

Compare simulated deformation to experimental freeblow deformation to ensure high model fidelity and help users understand how processing parameters influence behaviour.


Simulation inputs

In-depth SBM analysis

Assess new geometries

Find processing window

Efficient troubleshooting

Optimise process


Bond stretching


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