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Material characterisation

Tensile testing to assess the effect of temperature and strain rate on a polymer’s mechanical response in order to guide stretch blow moulding process conditions.

Biaxial Characterisation.jpg
Biaxial Specimen (Close-up).jpg

Biaxial testing

Temperature, stretch ratio, strain rate and the mode of deformation can all be varied to fully capture the mechanical response of your polymer.

Data output

Comparison of biaxial stress strain curves across test conditions allows the user to assess the temperature and rate dependency of the polymer.

Biaxial Data Graphs.PNG
Uniaxial Characterisation.jpg

Uniaxial testing

Elastic modulus, yield strength and elongation to failure of biaxially stretched sheet can be measured and related to the biaxial stretching processing conditions.

Troubleshoot issues

Data for simulation

Assess new materials

Quality control

Reduce time to market

Optimise set-up


Biaxial testing

Uniaxial testing

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